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Baby Acne

Baby acne, or neonatal acne, is a temporary baby skin condition that develops on the body or face of an infant. It results in white bumps or pimples. In most cases, baby acne disappears on its own, without any kind of treatment. This happens in around 20% of newborns. Baby acne only happens in the first few months of your kid’s life. 

It is unclear why acne in babies develop. Some health care professionals believe that it is caused by infant hormones or maternal hormones. 

Baby acne symptoms

Just like acne in adults and adolescents, baby acne appears as pimples or red bumps. Whiteheads of white pustules may also develop, as well as reddish skin around the bumps. 

Babies can develop this at any part of their face, though it is seen commonly on the cheeks. It can be irritated by rough fabrics. 

The conditions that resemble baby acne

  • Milia

These are small white bumps that develop on infant’s faces. Milia is totally unrelated to baby acne, and wouldn’t require treatment. 

  • Eczema

Eczema typically show up as red bumps on faces. It can also appear on elbows and knees as your little one gets older. 

  • Erythema toxicum

This is another common baby skin condition that show up as tiny bumps, red blotches or rashes. This can be seen on your infant child’s limbs, chest and face, in the first few days after birth. 

Baby Acne Home Treatments

  1. Avoid harsh baby skin care products. There are tons of baby bath brands in Malaysia you can choose from, so make sure to pick the mildest, most gentle ones. 
  2. Keep your child’s face clean. 
  3. Skip creams and lotions that can aggravate the skin condition of your baby.
  4. Avoid squeezing or pinching the acne. This can irritate you’re the skin of your child, and may worsen the issue.