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5 Examples of Successful Affiliate Sites You Should Learn From

  • Consumer Search

Promoting the offerings of top affiliate programs in Malaysia has a lot of challenges, so you need to learn from the best affiliate marketing websites. One of the platforms you must turn to Consumer Search. Consumer Search helps people look for the most reliable services and products in various categories. Their reviews include buyer guide that shares important things you must consider when purchasing that specific product. 

  • GearPatrol

Gear Patrol first started as an affiliate website, but soon diversified their income with their own ecommerce store and Google AdSense. Most of its money is earned by promoting products from Amazon. However, their content is not as comprehensive as some of the platforms on this list. They make up for this by posting high-quality images of every product. 

  • This Is Why I’m Broke

This Is Why I’m Broke lists products people wouldn’t normally buy, yet they still make tons of commissions from Amazon. Their team writers witty product descriptions and product selection. As a result, people still click on affiliate links. This affiliate website is not only partnered with Amazon, though. They are also part of other affiliate programs, but Amazon Associates is their number one contributor. 

  • NerdWallet

NerdWallet first started as a credit card comparison blog, but has now grown into a big personal finance website serving more than 11 million visitors each month. It uploads brilliant content, and helps people pick the best insurance programs, investment opportunities and credit cards. It is still an affiliate website, though. NerdWallet still earns commissions through its partnerships with various finance service companies. 

  • MoneySavingExpert

It’s possible to grow an affiliate website into a major publication. MoneySavingExpert did it. It started as a one-man passion project, and eventually grew into a big personal finance website. This platform only publishes comparisons, general blog articles and reviews.