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Tips for planning a spa day for your bridesmaids

How to Plan a Spa Day for You and Your Bridesmaids

Planning your wedding can summon a mixture of emotions. It’s such a happy, overwhelming and heartwarming experience, but at the same time, a stressful routine. There are a lot of details to organize and negotiate.

Amidst all the preparations, why don’t you plan a spa day for you and your bridesmaids? Plan this much-needed bonding session before the special day. It is also great way to say thank you for all the help, love and support they are giving you.

Read these tips first before booking that appointment:

  1. Choose the best spa the best location.

Don’t just choose the nearest one to your home, and what’s convenient. Remember, this day is special, so you need to choose the most suitable spa for a fun bonding session. So, where should you treat your bridesmaids?

Make sure to pick a spa branch that is secured and room, with a vast range of spa treatments that fits your budget. It would be better if all of you will allot a full day of relaxation.

The next thing you should do is, consider the location of your other bridesmaids. This cool spa may be close to your own home, but what about for your friends who live out of town? Don’t make it a 2-hour ordeal for them. If traffic is bad in your area, choose a location that is convenient for everyone.

You need to ask this question to yourself first, though.

Do you want to involve them in planning the spa day, or would you rather surprise them?

  1. Check all of the spa’s services.

The spa facial and body treatments you’ll be choosing for this bonding session can impact your spa relaxation day. Which among these procedures and massages will be good for you and your bridesmaids? Make sure to choose a spa with a vast range of services.

Also, it might be better to talk to the spa manager about package deals. Several spas offer several bridesmaid packages, from a half-day pamper session to a full-day relaxation time. Discuss your plans, including your budget, to them before finalizing your appointment.

An example routine for you and your bridesmaids? Start the day with a sauna. This can be followed by a relaxing specialty massage, a facial treatment on spa as another method on having glowing skin rather than undergo all types of facial plastic surgery in having to most satisfied face treatment, and lounge time in a spacious, quiet room. A healthy lunch should be arranged as well.

After eating lunch, you can all resume with a pedicure and manicure session.

  1. Bring some presents.

End the day with an amazing surprise for your bridesmaids! Once you’re all lounging comfortably in a cozy room over a glass of champagne, bring out the presents.

Looking for gift ideas? Why not a cute, classy spa slippers and robes? What about tote bags? It would also be nice to add spa coupons or gift certificates, in case they want to go back with another set of friends.

These gifts are not a requirement, though! Just a fun idea. The most important part is the quality time that comes with all the spa facial and body treatments.

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