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The Key Drivers of eCommerce

Many professionals think that the ecommerce industry in the United States is more advanced compared to other countries. Are you interested in ecommerce website development services in Malaysia? Well, to know how different it is in the U.S., it’s crucial to determine the key drivers of ecommerce, and then make way for comparisons. 

These key drivers are measured by a certain criteria, and can showcase the different stages of advancement.

  1. Social factors

Integrating IT education advancement, level and training, which enable the workface and potential buyers to utilize and understand the new technology.

  1. Economic factors

Including the overall commercial health and general wealth of the nation, as well as the other elements contributing to it. 

  1. Technological factors.

The advancement level of the telecommunications infrastructure providing access to new, useful technology for consumers and business owners. 

  1. Political factors.

This includes the government’s role in building government initiatives, funding and legislations in order to support the development and use of the information and ecommerce technology

A business can be influenced by ecommerce and the macro-environment industry.

  1. Requirements of suppliers and customers

In terms of service and product, and demand and supply.

  1. Competition

Making sure that the entire organization or business stays ahead of the industry leaders and competitors

  1. Organizational culture

The attitude to development and research, as well as the willingness to utilize technology, and innovate to achieve objectives.

  1. Commercial benefits

In terms of improved efficiency and cost savings that influence the firm’s financial performance.

  1. Committed and skilled workforce

They must understand the flow of the ecommerce field, and implement new ecommerce processes and technologies.