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The Best Free Tools for Affiliate Marketers

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Producing regular content through blog posts and articles can be really challenging. The blog topic generator under HubSpot can help you overcome your content creation challenges. It uses any 3 keywords, and an algorithm to pick one week’s worth of blog topics.


Do you want to be a successful affiliate marketer in Malaysia? Canva is an amazing tool that can make your visual content even more engaging and attention-grabbing. If you have visually appealing content, you can encourage more people to buy items from your affiliate links. 


Buzzsumo is a marketing and research tool that helps marketers understand different market trends. With the help of BuzzSumo, you can look for those kinds of posts which are often shared on social platforms. You will be able to rate and evaluate keywords, and gain more content ideas.


Buffer is a popular social media management tool helping people manage their time well. With just one platform, you can send out blasts on all of your accounts. 

What makes Buffer even more special is that it allows you to schedule your blog posts for much later times. It would be possible to manage your content for one whole week at a time, making sure that you are posting on high traffic times to improve viewership.


To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to set yourself apart from a vast competitive market. You can start by understanding the strategies of your competitors, and contemplating on how you can gain an advantage. If a competitor ranks higher on Google, compared to you, you might need the help of SpyFu. It is a reliable keyword research tool allowing you to see each keyword a business has bought on Google AdWords.