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How to Play Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker 101: Learn the Basics

Are you interested in trying other poker games compared to the typical one at scr8888?  Why not learn more about Pai Gow Poker? It is another poker table game at the casino. The rules are very simple, and it can be played using the standard deck, including a single joker.

What happens in a game of Pai Gow Poker?

After the bet, every player is given 7 cards. They must also make 2 poker hands: 2-card poker hand, and standard 5-card poker hand.

The other names of the 5-card hand: Bottom Hand, Behind Hand, High Hand, Big Hand

The other names of the 2-card hand: On Top Hand, In Front Hand, Small Hand, Low Hand, Minor Hand

When a player forms his 2 hands from the 7 cards, the 5-card hand should be higher compared to the 2-card hand. 5-card hands should follow the standard rules. It only has 2 exceptions:

  1. Holding a joker signals a 5 of a kind—this can beat straight flush.
  2. The best 2 cards are clear pairs. They are basically high cards. The worst 2 cards? 2-3, also an aces pair.

The Role of the Pai Gow Poker’s Joker

In Pai Gow Poker, the joker is not a wild card. In this table game, it is known as the “bug.” Its purpose? It’s an ace, unless the player can utilize it for a flush or straight.

You can also have 5 aces—the best 5 card in this table game.

The Pai Gow Poker Showdown

Once all the players have chosen their 2 hands, they need to place their hands at the front. The 2-card hand should be in front, while the 5-card is at the back. At this point, all players are playing to for a win against the banker.

Take note: The banker may be 1 of the players or the dealer, just like in a game of Baccarat.

How to Determine the Pai Gow Poker Winner

All players need to compare their hands to the banker’s. The player will win if both of his hands defear the banker’s. If only one defeats the banker’s hands, it can be regarded as a draw or push. Then, the player can take back his cash.

In case the banker’s beat the hands of the player’s, then, the player is beaten.

If there is a tie, it is a win for the banker. Through this, the house sustains the advantage.

Just in case the player is banking, the casino can get a commission from the winner. There is no need for an advantage.

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