Healthy Ways to Help You Achieve a Better Sex Life

As men age, they are no longer as active as they were before. That is because starting at the age of 30 and every year after that, testosterone production slows down considerably.

Low testosterone levels can certainly put a damper in a man’s sex life and although eating healthy and taking the right male enhancement pills in Malaysia can certainly help in some way, no one can deny that father time can affect our libido.

That being said, all hope is not lost. Although you are losing testosterone by a couple of percents every year, this is not to say that you are doomed to fail, especially in satisfying your partner sexually.
There are some ways to help you achieve a better sex life.

Learn New Tricks

Sure, there is a saying that you cannot teach an old dog some new tricks, but you are a man that is capable of learning new things until the day you will meet your maker.

Go out there and search for resources that can help educate you in satisfying your partner in numerous ways.
Remember, you cannot rely on your youthful vigor your entire life, so you need to be more creative when it comes to sex.

Accept the Fact

One of my teachers told me that for you to truly move forward in your life, you have to slowly accept the things that come your way. As a man, you will slowly lose your sex drive as you age and the faster that you accept that fact, the better.

But, that is not all too bad. Though you cannot be as sexually aggressive as before, you will learn to appreciate to take things slowly. In fact, women want this subtler approach more than you think.

Don’t Forget to Lubricate

As women reach perimenopause, their vagina tends to get drier than when they were young. If that is the case, do not forget to use lubricating gels and liquids. In fact, your doctor may even advise you to use it, especially if vaginal dryness is apparent.

Little Things Add Up

Most men think that the only way to satisfy their partners in bed is to engage in penetrative sex, but women would say otherwise. Women actually love the little things like cuddling and kissing. Since you are slowing down sexually, engaging in these small things can add up to greater satisfaction for your partner.

Practice Sensual Touching

Sex therapists actually recommend older men to learn and practice sensual touching. Thankfully, there are plenty of books and online resources that you can tap into to learn more about this stuff.

Try Different Positions

If you’ve only used three different sex positions your entire life, then now is the time to mix things up. Add some new sex positions that you can try with your partner. Who knows, you might strike gold when you find the right position for you.

Do Some Kegels

As you age, your pelvic floor muscles tend to get weaker and weaker. As a result, you will be unable to control your ejaculatory responses.

The good thing is that you can rectify that by doing some Kegel exercises. Such exercises can target your pelvic floor muscles.

It is Still Up to You

Sure, biology and aging might tell you that you are going to slow down sexually, but it is entirely up to you if you want to be strong or not.