3 Simple Secrets to Betfair Trading


Do you want to know some secrets so that you win a investing money on Betfair? Then read on to find out some of the most useful tactics I’ve used so far.

1. Look at the Form

Before I start, I want to preface this by saying that I am only talking about horse racing in general since this is where most people come to bet on Betfair anyway. That being said, one of the best tactics that I’ve used that pretty much gives me a higher chance of winning a trade is just by looking at the horses’ form. Before the start of every match, you want to closely inspect the horses that are going to race in a particular

The reason why you want to do this is that their form can pretty much tell you if they’re going to win or not. If you still do not know how to look at the best form, just look for the favorites. In most cases, there is always one or two favorites. If you do not know how to look at the form, then just bet on them.

There are also some instances where the favorites do not necessarily win. That is due to the other factors that can influence how the horses will play in the event. Some of the things that you need to be aware of are:

a) Some of the horses will exhibit negative behavior which will change their market price drastically.
b) The racing conditions (i.e. weather and race course) can affect the outcome.
c) Negative Rumors surrounding the training of some horses which can again affect its prices.

2. Closely Monitor the Race

Once the race has started, look at the different horses. If the favorites are doing great, their prices tend to drift more in a positive direction. In which case, you want to trade accordingly to get the best profits.

However, in the event that the prices have drifted too far, it usually means that you’re going to lose. In such instances, you want to hedge your capital against losses by using scratch trades. You might not earn profits, but you will also not lose as well.

I am in shock to know that only a few people really monitor the race. They are usually off doing other things. Do not be like them.

3. If You Have a Solid Trading Plan, Automate It

Now, in my previous point, I said that you should closely monitor the races, right? Well, that only works if you trade manually. In fact, I encourage that you trade manually at first so that you can come up with a suitable trading plan that will work for many months to come.

Once you have a solid trading plan, it is now time to automate everything. Use a program like BetTrader so that whenever your preset conditions are met, it will make all of the trades for you. The good thing is that everything can be configured the way you want it, so you can’t go wrong by using it.

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